Wallys/Wi-Fi 6E/2.4~2.5&5.15~7.15GHz

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WiFi 6E,2.4~2.5&5.15~7.15GHz ,dipole antenna

Wi-Fi 6E,2.4~2.5&5.15~7.15GHz


Wallys Communications (Suzhou ) Co., LTD( is a professional supplier of wireless communication products and has a complete industrial chain in China. Our biggest advantage is our independent research and development ability, which can support you in the later period.

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Wallys/Wi-Fi 6E/2.4~2.5&5.15~7.15GHz

  1. Feature

*External type dipole antenna

  • 2.4~2.5&5.15~7.15GHz of frequency
  • Plastic rod of Black
  • RoHS compliance
  1. Application
  2. Wi-Fi 6E Wireless Communication
  3. WLAN device, WLAN Router, e.g., AP,PIC Wireless Card
  4. Description

Suzhou Wallys Communication Co., Ltd, this miniature antenna is designed for Wi-Fi 6E applicationsand can be easily built-in portable devices for SMA Plug. It has excellent stability and sensitivity toconsistently provide high signal reception efficiency

  1. General Data



Product NameWi-Fi 6E Dipole AntennaPart No.DRA24126ESBEFrequency 2.4~2.5&5.15~7.15GHzV.S.W.R 2.4-1.92max 5.85-2.1maxGain(dBi) 2.45GHz@3.0dBi5.85GHz@4.0dBiPolarization Linear,VerticalStorage Temp -10℃~+70℃Operating Temperature -10℃~+60℃Impedance with Matching 50 ΩWeight 6.5 g Antenna Type SMA PlugDimension L108.4X φ 11.0 (mm)